Monegasque De Reassurances S.A.M. (Monde Re) v. Nak Naftogaz of Ukraine and Ukraine, 311 F.3d 488 (2d Cir. 2002)
$88 Million contract dispute between AO Gazprom of Russia and NAK Naftogaz a Ukrainian company for the transportation of natural gas by pipeline across Ukraine to various destinations in Europe.  Issues involved the jurisdiction of US courts in enforcing arbitration awards rendered in a foreign jurisdiction and issues of forum non conveniens.

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Forced/Slave Labor  Litigations Against  German  and Austrian Industry.
A series of class actions instituted to recover compensation for  1.5 million survivors of the Nazi  forcible deportations during W.W.II.  International negotiations between  the US, Germany, Israel,  Belarus, the Czech Republic, Poland,  Russia and Ukraine and class action attorneys resulted in a 10 Billion DM settlement. 
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Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA,  Archbishop Antony, et. als.  v. Luchejko et. als.
Litigation instituted by the Archbishop Antony and by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA against the Holy Ascension Parish in Clifton NJ in an attempt to appoint the Parish’s Board of Trustees and thereby control its physical assets - title to which is with the parish.  This action was taken in retaliation for the Parish questioning the validity of the secret 1994 “Points of Agreement” entered into by the UOC-USA hierarchs and the Patriarch of Constantinople. The Parish resisted the litigation stating that Points of Agreement constituted an unlawful abandonment of the historical autocephaly (independence) of the UOC-USA and that in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church property rights were solely those of the Parish. Issues include res judicata, estoppel, standing to sue, jurisdiction of civil courts over religious entities, and 1st and 14th amendment constitutional questions.

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Statue of King Danylo, Lviv, Ukraine