Myroslaw Smorodsky has been practicing law since 1968. During his career, he has represented clients in diverse cases - from criminal to general equity matters. Over the years, his practice has evolved to and is now restricted to matters that are of an international character or are of special interest and importance.  The following is a brief overview of the Myroslaw’s experience in this practice area:

  • Counsel to  Ukrainian nationals regarding their interest in decedents’ estates in the US.
  • Legal consultant to Ukrainian business entities on international business transactions and disputes.
  • Attorney for the Ukrainian class of survivors of the forcible Nazi deportation of millions of Ukrainians during World War II to Germany and Austria to work as forced/slave laborers; participated in the negotiations of the German and Austrian Settlements as a plaintiffs’ counsel and as a member of the Ukrainian Government Delegation.
  • Successfully defended a major Ukrainian oil transport utility averting the enforcement in the US of a $88 million arbitration award obtained by the insurer of a Russian oil producer in a Moscow court.
  • Co-Counsel in class actions involving violation of U.S. and/or international antitrust laws.
  • Acted as legal adviser to the Consulate General of Ukraine (NY), the Ukrainian Mission to the United Nations, the Ukrainian Embassy in the US, and the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine.
  • Acted as general counsel to various international trading companies engaged in the manufacture, importation and sale of products from Europe and the Pacific rim.
  • Negotiated various joint venture, manufacturing and distribution agreements, exclusivity arrangements and counter trade contracts and other business transactions with business entities in Poland, Ukraine, Western Europe and mainland China.

Kyiv, Ukraine